Casa Particular

Casa Roberto Alonso, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Casa particular

Casa Roberto Alonso

Casa particular in Santiago de Cuba.

Room casa particular Casa Roberto AlonsoRoberto,  Casa particular Casa Roberto AlonsoBathroom Casa particular Casa Roberto Alonso


 Casa Particular

Calle Habana #824

Entre Barnada y San Agustín

Santiago de Cuba.

Tel. Cel / SMS.: +53 52909750


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A "casa particular" is a bed and breakfast (room and board) in a private home in Cuba. Private citizens are allowed (meeting certain conditions and paying the required tax) to rent out rooms to tourists. They can offer lodging and meals.
The "casa particular" offer an economical way to see Cuba and provide a quality service while allowing you to get in close contact with the Cuban people. An experience that can't be matched by state run hotels that separate rather than unite Cubans and tourists.

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